Athletic Trainer

What you need to become an athletic trainer

  • You must graduate with a bachelors and a master degree from a athletic training education program
  • Must  pass a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification

What they do/Purpose

They are health care professionals who work with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.


  • Apply protective or injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces.
  • Recognize and evaluate injuries.
  • Provide first aid or emergency care.
  • Develop and carry out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes.
  • Work with other people

Skills you need

  • Athletic trainers must know a lot about a huge range of medical problems. Diagnosing, evaluating symptoms and working with other healthcare professionals will be needed.
  • Quick thinking by athletic trainers may be the difference between an small injury and a career-ending injury.
  • Athletic trainers should take notes on how people are recovering, and how to best keep them healing.
  • Athletic trainers work with people in stressful situations. Keeping a clear head and a calm demeanor when talking to people in pain, other medical professionals, coaches and families will be an asset.

How much money they make

$35,000 to $75,000 per year.

Reports to boss

Athletic Director

Assistant Athletic Director


  • Bachelor’s degree in appropriate area of specialization and 4 – 5 years professional experience. Master’s degree preferred, 2 – 3 years professional experience
  • Certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC)
  • State Athletic Training Licensure
  • Familiarity with NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA governing rules


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