K-12 MLearning Options

EDU 210


What is it: Mobli21 is a versatile, multi-function, rich media smartphone application for educators and students.

How it can be used in the classroom: Students can use the flashcard option to help them study. A course-specific study-guide can be created on the app. The teacher can deliver quick, auto-graded multiple-choice quizzes through the application


What is it: Students can record audio through the Audioboo website or app.

How it can be used in the classroom: Students could create short 'newsflashes' regarding major events in world history, particularly the twentieth century. They could also use it to record an 'audio journal' of an explorer as we dive into more ancient history.


What is it: smartphone app based student-response system "made by teachers for teachers" (ExitTicket site)

How it can be used in the classroom: Students can be asked to do a short quiz on their mobile device to finish out the day; or, alternatively, a short quiz at the start of the session. Both options allow the teacher to gauge the classroom's overall level of comprehension on a new concept.


What is it: Eclicker is a smartphone application based polling system. It can be used on most mobile platforms, or through a web browser.

How it can be used in the classroom: Poll students for their opinions, answers or ideas on different subjects. For example, I could shoot a poll out asking "who was responsible for starting World War I" with Germany, England, France, Italy and see what students generally think of the topic; then I lead into a discussion on the complexities of nationality and how there isn't always a 'bad guy.'


What is it: Socrative is a multi-faceted student response system where students can answer using their mobile devices. It offers different kinds of quizzes and exit card style options.

How it can be used in the classroom: Socrative offers quizzes as a 'game' - Space Race. The ability to offer students short, quick quizzes in a 'gameified' format adds to the versatility and can engage them. They're answering questions to win the race!

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