Anne Frank's Rose
Taylor Lewis 4th period

        In Act 2 of Diary of Anne Frank, Anne has a conversation with Peter about them being in the Secret Annex. Anne says, “I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith . . . when people are doing such horrible things” when they were having a conversation. The main reason they had that conversation was because Anne was encouraging Peter to always have hope that everything will be fine in the end. Also speaking to him about how people could do bad things but they still have to have hope that everything is going to be okay and better one day (p. 952). If both Peter an Anne could get along and have a friendly conversation about their life and hiding from the Nazi’s can get them closer together as friends. All Anne want to do is show Peter that he will always have a friend in Anne and he can always count on her if he needs someone to talk to about his problems and thoughts. The rose in my picture represents the care that Anne shows to Peter as they were having this conversation. They both have hope that everything will go back to normal but Anne just has to encourage Peter to have hope about the same thing. A rose can also represent love and friendship between Anne and Peter during this horrible period in their life together.

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