Tackk 4: Rowdy and Someone who gets me!

The only person that I have trusted, and always understands me is my uncle. Despite that the only person I trust is my uncle doesn't annoy me, besides "I am" 1 year older than him. We've both been through ups and downs and that's just life. We tell each other everything, we tease each other about on other thing. We have multiple things in common such as, were both "very" trendy we help each other on what to wear majority of times and we always find a way of matching,(basically the whole family matches majority of time), but anyways, were both hardworking, we both have the same goal, we want to be able to be the first generation in our family to Graduate from HighSchool and go off to College we want to be able to go learn, explore, what "we" want to do with our life's , and in that process we want to have fun. Succeeding is the most important role in life without doing so you wouldn't feel as confident in your self any longer.

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