Everyrthing's a remix pt.1

the sampling if music

they make it sound different but is the same

its a small part but illegal

I fell that it shows how music is stolen and not asked for. It is stealing if you use it without permission. we make songs that don't sound the same but it is. it is also a lot of hits stolen from a couple songs. there are also some lawsuits because of this.

Everything's a remix pt.2

how movies are made from others

how the ideas how used from others

all the movies also changed how people are different

how the technology is made from other users

I think that movies are different from music. It is things that are sequels and are sort of the same. I think a lot of the movies are the same. the movies are more better in technology but not original. they are copied and that's why I think it is simple.  

Everything's a remix pt.3

is copying inspiration?

is there a such thing as good copying

if so is everything copied

if it's not copied is it borrowed?

I think that some of it is inspiration but most is copying. we use the same things and make remakes of old movies. I think that is inspiration. but things that we make our own and still have similarities is copying.  

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