Niger Movement for Justice (MNJ)

A terrorist organization called Niger Movement for Jutice has been violently attacking the Niger military for he past eight or nine years. They claim that they are fighting for more political representiation for the people in the government and in opposition to the unarium mining taking place in northern Niger, which has potentially damaged surrounding pastoral lands and does not financially benefit surrounding local communities. The MNJ claims that the lack of representation is causing the further marginalization of the people living in the northern Niger communities. The government is jot sure though whether their claims for taking arms are legitimate.

The Result of MNJ Conflict

Armed conflict between MNJ rebels and Niger military officers sporradically takes place in northern Niger. It has involved Mali due to the conflict's close proximity to Mali's border. Since the start of the conflict the Niger government has undergone several peace negotiations with the rebels. Initially, the president of  Lybia Muammar Gaddafi mediated negotiations between the Mali goverment and the MNJ rebels. When this attempt was unable to end armed conflcit, the Mali and Niger governments banned together to get armed forces on the ground. Despite these efforts conflict continued to break out. Even after the government and the rebels both agreed to end the violence and discuss more compromise in 2009,  the president of Niger wanred of potential breakout of conflict in 2012. The effort of the government to negotiate with the rebels is legitimate.

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