The Evolvution of Communisim and Practices

Karl Marx

  • After Industrial Revolution, there was a rise of weathy factory owners. These weathly factory owners began to be known as the upper-middle class, this class also consisted of businessmen, industrialists, and bankers. Leading the lower-middle class not to grow.Their economic philosophy is called laissez-faire ("let it happen"). " Adam Smith[, father of laissez-faire,] proposed that the economy did best when it was left alone by the government"
  • Marx saw that "laissez-faire econimics caused the [social] gap between the wealthy and poor to widen"

Vladimir Lenin

  • After Lenin's older brother was killed by the Czar, Lenin knew he would one day have to over throw the government in revenge for the death of his older brother. During WWI, Russia was in need for armistends. The need for weapons was so drastic Russia went through a rapid unhealthy Industrial Revolution. The Russian government was so focused on making weapons, they did not focus on the peasents and farmworkers that began to starve.
  • Both Marx and Lenin believed a revolution will occur in an Industrialized country and it will be lead by peasents, but Lenin believed the proleteriates will kindle the revolution

Mao Zedong

  • Zedong was a radical leader, him and many other Chinese believed modernisim and nationalism was the key for a country's survival. In 1916, the new Chinese government sparked a revolution and when their new leader died a civil war broke out. One year after WWI when the Treaty of Versailles was completed, most land that China had won from Japan was returned to Japan. As the son of a weathy farming family, there is no supprise he wants all farmers and aristocrats be be equal.
  • Unlike Marx, Zedong believed a revolution woul occur in a rural country and peasents would lead the revolution


  • After WWI, some countries began to dislike communism/socialism. Mussolini, from Italy, was anargy at the Treaty of Versaille because Italy did not get a lot of land from it. Mussolini popularized Fascism, with the roots of Natzism. Mussolini founded an attack group known as the Blackshirts. The Blackshirts physicly attacked and harmed any and a lot of communit/socialist supporter. Germany's Hitler came into German power in the 1930's. He was extreamly resentful of the Treaty of Versaille, because it destroyed Germany's economic system. The Treaty of Versaille did not allow Germany to industrialize, thus their economy fell. Hitler later joined the Nazi party and over time, he was able to gain a lot of power. With all of this power and propaganda speeches, Hitler influenced many Germans. Hitler made them believe that Fascism was the best way to live. Hirohito later rose to take over Japan and moved Japan into a Fascist country. These three countries [Italy, Germany, and Japan] formed the Axis Powers leading up to WWII.

North Korea

Between 668 A.D and 1910 or nearly 12 cenutries, Korea gained a "distinct culture" from China and Japan. In 1910, Japan colonized Korea and treated them in a brutal matter. For 35 years, Japan held this brutal rule over Korea until the end of WWII when Japan was defeated. After Japan’s defeat the Soviet Union (northern half) and United States (Southern half) agreed to split the post-war control of the Korean peninsula between eachother. In 1948, Syngman Rhee (U.S.A) began "The Republic of Korea" in Seoul. 25 days later, Pyonoyang began "The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea" for all of Korea.

In 1950, Kim Il-sung launches an attack on the South, and the Korean War began. This was in effort to unify Korea. The U.S interveines, to help the South defeat the North. Later, in 1953 an arrmistance is used to stop the war and split the now two nations. The North's development is faster than the South.

By the 1960's, the North is able to provide medical help aswell as universities plus food and housing. The South expericences a dictatorship, military controll, and rapid economic growth. They later become a democracy, one of the most seccesfull in Asia.

When Communisim collapses in Eastern Europe, major trade sources and aid for North Korea become termenated. In 1994, the death of Kim Il-sung left the country in great mourning. His son Kim Jung il came into power, under military first policy basic natural resources are taken away from the N. Korean people. All efforts go into creating nuclear weapons.


The idea of Communism, is a morally correct way of living, but it will never work. Not everyone believes that all human should be treated the same. The idea is a great one, but it will not work. Durring my research, I came to realize all forms of government seem to end the same way.

Melanie Mayorga
Period 3
March 10, 2014

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