Gift-Giving Customs in Russia

We all know that gift-giving is a strong tradition in Russia. If you just have been traveled from abroad to visit Russian, it is traditional to bring a gift for the people you are visiting. Now you may wonder the appreciated Russian gifts for Russian. Don’t worry! Here in shangyu packaging you’ll get the answer.

Most people may hear of Matryoshka dolls, also called nesting dolls, which are Russian traditional and popular Russian gifts. Today, they are among Russia's most popular souvenirs. Actually they are wooden dolls stacked inside one another and the outer doll is fairly large and round. When she is taken apart, a smaller doll is revealed inside of her, and another doll inside of her, and so on. A wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including those with famous faces, such as Russian presidents are available in Russia. You can send cardboard gift box to children. Anyway the easiest is to find gifts for kids - a toy will do. Don’t forget to use a gift packaging box to package your gift to make it more attractive.

You know that gold is enjoyed by many women across the world. In Russia, gold is considered a luxury. Even if the Russian lady you are shopping for does not live in Russia, Russian gifts ideas for gold jewelry include a necklace and/or pendent, charm bracelet, bangles, anklet, ring or earrings. Many gold or gold-plated household items can also be purchased such as photo frames, candle holders, decorative bowls, knickknacks, wine or champagne glasses (with gold stems) or pen sets. If the Russian lady you are shopping for collects decorative spoons, plates or coins, you could purchase a gold piece to add to her collection. You can prepare a delicate cosmetic packaging box to package your gift to make it more attractive.

A widespread tradition in Russia---as in many parts of the world---is to give women flowers for special occasions. In fact, Russian boys are taught the importance of flower-giving from a young age. Quality vodka is also a popular gift among all Russian gifts. Not only was vodka created in Russia, but it has historically been an integral part of Russian society. Over the years, Russians developed advanced filtration and production techniques and experimented with various paper food box . It has also been said that the Russian vodka industry was the most technologically advanced industry in the country by the end of the 18th century and well into the 19th century. To this day, many high-quality vodkas are produced and enjoyed in Russia. If the Russian woman you are shopping for drinks vodka, she will likely appreciate a high-quality bottle.

This is the brief introduction to gift-giving customs in Russia. Buy beautiful Russian gifts to your loved ones. Any questions about gift packaging go for

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