Career Research Project

By: Ashlynn Frank


To be an elementary teacher you work in public and private schools and work with kids in grades 1-6. You work on reading, writing, and counting with the kids.

Helpful high school courses

Some helpful high school course would be child development, computer applications, keyboarding, teacher assisting, public speaking, and Psychology. For teacher assisting people help the teacher grade papers and correct them, they also help teach the classroom.

Skills and Abilities

To be a teacher you need to express ideas clearly when speaking or writing. You should be able to read and understand written information. You also have to be able to listen to others, understand the kids, and ask questions.

Working Conditions

You need to have a high level of social interaction to communicate with children, parents, and other teachers. You should communicate with people on a daily basis. Have to be responsible for health and safety of children at the school.


To be able to get a job as a teacher you need a:

-high school diploma of GED

-Bachelor's Degree

- Complete student teacher internship

- Pass state licensing exam

Career Field

The career field that teaching falls under is human services.

Wages and Employment outlook

In Minnesota the wage is $43,700 yearly and the employment outlook is very high

In the US the wage is $42,910 yearly and the employment outlook is very high

Related occupations

-High school teacher



- middle school teachers

- preschool and kindergarten teacher

- teacher aides

Programs of Study

- Early childhood education and teaching

- education general

- elementary education and teaching



Curriculum and instruction, Child Psychology, and Specific Subject areas.

Program Admission

Some of the program admissions are Personal statement, Core courses, and General education courses

Typical Course Work

The typical course work is to help the students that need help and teach them how to do the work. Teachers have to grade papers and give exams to the students to see if they get how to do the work.

Related programs

Some of the related programs are:

-Preschool teacher

- Kindergarten teacher

- Instructional Coordinators

Schools that offer Elementary Teaching

- Bemidji State University

- Minnesota State University- Mankato

These schools i can get my Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree

College name/ Program Interest

The college that I want to go to is Bemidji State University for Teaching, this college is located in Bemidji, Minnesota.


This school is a 4 year college it is located in a rural setting. The closest town it is to is Duluth Minnesota. It is a Co-ed school and is 83% white. There is no religious affiliation in this college.

Admission Requirements

This school does not have a certain deadline it is continuous. The tests that are required are ACT and SAT and an average 3.8 or higher GPA.


My Major is offered at this college, there is no accreditation. The student faculity ratio is 23.4:1. The typical class size is about 24 students per classroom.