What I did today was a lot. We had got different classes and met new people.Most of the day was confusing and tiring for me because I didn't know where to go. But I figured It out so far. I don't like the way they set the classes up, but I will just have to deal with it for now.

The new people I seen today are quiet. I don't really know them yet. I spoke to one of them and it was ok. But I think it will probaly be an ok yeah for them he they become friendly. But I was only speaking to Saeedah, Tiharah, Matthew, Jawuan, Jimmy, Zubair, Chya, Brianna, and Diangelo.

The foods I ate today was ok. I had nuggets and tatertots with barbeque sauce with milk. Most of my lunch I dint eat because I wasn't feeling well. I only ate the tatertots and drunk my milk.  So yeah that was my day so far, how was yours.

#caatech #xroadsDITL2015

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