Temperate Grasslands

Grayson Diehl, Hope Bridges, Arianna Ingle, Austin Holbrook

Our resort is the best resort around first the animals to the food, to the best tour bus, to the hotel, it's a huge treehouse in the most beautiful trees you have ever seen, called the willow trees. We have the most fireproof resort you can think of. What you will need to bring for clothes is, short and long sleeve shirts, You will also need to bring shorts, capris, and sometimes jeans, just in case it gets cold.

Weather: the temperature in this biome is vary between summer and winter. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. The temperature can be up to 100 degrees in the summer. Rain in the biome usually occurs in the late spring and early winter. The yearly average of rainfall is about 20-35 inches. About the same for the snow. Fire in the biome is usually set off by lighting or human activity. In this biome, you would have to wear short sleeve shirts and shorts in the summer, big coats, pants, and long sleeve shirts in the winter.

This is the willow tree or shrub that typically has narrow leaves bear atkins and grows near water. the wood has many uses. It's also called the weeping willow. The willow tree some times blocks pipes when it is looking for water along time ago people used to chew on the bark for medicine.they are the fastest growers and sprout easily.

A falcon lives in the temperate grassland. It is a diurnal bird of prey with long pointed wings and a notched beak. It typically uses its claws and its beak to catch its prey when it dives from above. Its diet is meat and sometimes berries and nuts. The meat that it eats is usually from small animals such as, rats and other small animals. This is an animal that lives in the temperate grasslands.

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