Shared Writing in the Primary School

Doing the Writing Activity with the pupils while demonstrating the skills and knowledge needed. This includes Brainstorming ideas and using their ideas as you go along so that it becomes a class / group work.

The teaches the children what they need to do when they tackle the activity independently.


This is a simple demonstration of how Shared Writing can be done. It is from South Africa.

What do you notice about the style of teaching?

Teacher Training

This is a short extract from a training session. I presume it is about Shared Writing. The man is Pie Corbett, is an ex teacher, Head Teacher and Ofsted Inspector. He is well respected in the UK. Here is the link to information about him on Wikipedia:, and his webpage:

Responding to the children's participation

How does the teacher question the pupils while highlighting the pupils' good work?

Another demonstration

This video is another demonstration and this time from the U.S.

How does she try to get pupils to spell unfamiliar words?

Resources and Further Reading

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