You Don't need to Murder Me

Dear Queen,

You don’t have to be the bad guy, you don’t have to kill me. I strongly believe that you aren’t a evil person and you don't have to poison me with an red apple. Queen, I haven't done anything to you, I am innocent. No one will like you if you try to kill my beautiful self, do you want to spend a whole year on trying to annihilate me, I think not. I think you're actually a nice person, if you stop trying to murder me we could be friends. Queen you don’t need to kill me.

Firstly queen, you are trying to kill me for no reason, I’ve done nothing to you. I’ve not taken anything from you I haven’t taken you're crown, kingdom or job so there’s no reason to attempt to poison me. You're the queen you have everything you want you have five course meals compared to I only get a one course meal. I bet you have much more important things than trying to kill me.

Secondly,You're doing nothing for yourself all you're doing is making people not like you, trying to annihilate me doesn’t help you at all. Imagine if everybody in the town and kingdom wanted a new queen and you killed, I bet you wouldn’t like that. If the public agreed to kill you or make someone else queen and the person that was chosen to be the new queen was me you’d be furious. I don’t think you want to be fired.

Lastly, you're a really nice person queen, if you show it everybody will like you. You're highness stop trying to murder me it won’t work you just can’t do it because i’m such a nice person and you have the potential to be a nice person, we can be really good friends if you just stop trying to kill me.

Queen, i’ve given you many reasons why not to annihilate me I hope when you get this letter you agree not to kill me and if you don’t you i’ll be gone. When you decide can you let me know by giving me a letter.Queen I really think there is no reason to murder me.


Snow White

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