Determining Function or Nonfunction


The domain is x and the range is y

-Do x values repeat?

-Are the x values numerical order?

-Is the input on top or left? Is the output on bottom or right?


The domain is a/x and the range is b/y

-Are the arrows going in the same directions?

-Are the x and y values in numerical order?

-Is there a structure?

-Are there repeating numbers in the

Ordered Pairs

The domain is x and the range is y (x,y)

-Are there parenthesis and commas?


The domain x and the range is y

-Are there arrows on the line?

-Are the x and y axis' labeled and labeled in the right spot (top or bottom/left or right)?

-Are the numbers on the left of the y-axis and bottom of the x-axis?

-Are the increments equal?

Domain and Range



Obviously the domain is D and the range is R

- Are the domain and range labeled?

-Are the the domain and range in numerical order? Any repeating numbers?

- Are there set brackets?

Translating Domain and Range  

-It moves because you are adding and subtracting from the domain or range values, causing the points to move around the graph

Manipulating Functions

-If you know what the domain and range are for a map, ordered pair, table, and graph then you can easily manipulate any function from one to another.

-You just plug the x and y where they would logically be in the table (for example).

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