Trans-racial Adoptions Can Present Challenges

By:Janeth Guadian

     Transracial Adoption refers to the act of adoptive parents of a specific ethnicity or race adopting a child of another different ethnicity or race. Although their is still debate over it, adopting a child of different race lines has become a more accepted issue in the United States. Even though adoption is an effective method in which a child can be provided with a long lasting loving home, I believe that a child's needs are better met when a child is placed in a home with a family in which they share the same racial heritage.

     From an early age adoptees of a different ethnicity notice the standing difference between them and their adoptive parents. This difference can be challenging causing confusion, distance, and many asked questions. Many of these problems could be avoided if a child was placed with an adoptive family of the similar ethnicity and cultural background. In a recent study for the "Multiracial America" magazine, transracial adoptees shared their thoughts and feelings towards their situation. Many stated that they "Felt estranged from the people around them who they instinctively knew from an early age were different from them, and yet cut off from their own racial identity and culture." Excluding a child from being raised in their own cultural hearth makes a child feel as if their opinion and background doesn't matter when in reality it is what makes them uniquely and specifically them.

     Furthermore, another presented issue of transracial adoption is the fact that many adoptees feel as if they aren't seen or understood. Since these children are being placed into homes with a different background of race, culture, and ethnicity, one must understand the hardships it brings forward to the adopted child. Being placed in another home is already a big step but by adding ethnicity factors into the situation makes it much more difficult. During an interview for the "Interracial America " magazine a transracial adoptee stated, "People don't like discomfort but when you're adopting a child from another race, another country, it's very important that families understand that they are going to put themselves outside of their comfort zone to really understand what their experience is going to be for the child.... Otherwise, the child is going to be neglected plain, and simple."

      Adoption is a special method in which many kids find the try safe comfort of a loving home; However, by placing these children in a non transracial home it eliminates the difficult challenges of dealing with misunderstandings and hardships of culture, ethnicity and race backgrounds.

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