Caring, Gullible, and Remorseful

I believe that Claudio's motivation is his love for Hero. When Claudio thought that Hero had betrayed him he was very distraught. Claudio had thought to have seen Hero with another man, when she had been known to be a virgin. This was something looked down on in these times. Claudio's perspective on Hero changed because of this. During the wedding of Claudio and Hero, Claudio accused Hero of being damaged goods or not a virgin, he said "All you that see her, that she were a maid, By these exterior shows? But she is none: She knows the heat of a luxurious bed; Her blush is guiltiness, not modesty."

Claudio developed and changed a lot from the beginning of the movie to the end. In the beginning Claudio was very sweet and kind, especially when it came to Hero. In the middle of the movie when the climax of there relationship occurred, he became very angry and gullible. He witnessed what he had thought to be Hero with another man, the night before there wedding. This made Claudio very upset, and his personality totally changed and he became very aggressive towards Hero. In the end Claudio felt very remorseful for how he treated Hero. He was told that Hero had died because she was so surprised about the accusations of not being a virgin. When he heard about her death he knew that she was not lying and he cried out in pain saying "Sweet Hero, now thy image doth appear in the rare semblance that I loved it first." Claudio felt so guilty after finding out about what really happened he said "I know not how to pray your patience, yet I must speak. Choose your revenge yourself. Impose me to what penance your invention can lay upon my sin. Yet sinned I not but in mistaking."

Claudio impacts the plot of the book because he was one of the main characters who created a way of making readers curious about how his relationship with Hero will play out. He was also one of the main characters impacted by the climax of the story. If Claudio wasn't in the story there would be no main events that pulls the story together. The story would not be as interesting without Claudio's unpredictable spirit.

Claudio also impacts the theme of love greatly through his relationship with Hero. There relationship was the one that the story was based around. It was all about how they were going to end up in the end. There relationship went through many testing obstacles, which the author Shakespeare used as a way to draw the reader or viewer in. He gave incidents that brought curiosity and suspense throughout the whole story all the way to the end. I believe that Claudio is an agape lover where he loves the physical aspect of Hero and the friendship between them.

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