Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

The Telephone- 1875

M. Heagy

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell has improved communication. It has allowed people to talk to each other from different places. Lead to present day Cell Phones and Cordless Telephones.

The Light Bulb-1882

Thomas Alva Edison

The invention of the lightbulb was a significant milestone in human history because it eliminated peoples' use on candles and oil lamps, and created an easier way to light houses at night. When the lightbulb and electricity were first invented however, it was sometimes unreliable because people did not know a lot about electricity ad it started house fires and things like that, but as time passed and technology improved, the lightbulb changed the ways the people lived their day-to-day lives.

Railroad System-1862

Grenville Dodge

Workers built the Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha, across the Great Plains, to Utah. Many Irish immigrants worked on the railroad. The railroad system created faster travel and trade back in the 1800's.  Now from the start of the train invention we have cars and airplanes, etc., to travel to and from places.  The train invention was a popular invention back then.

The typerwriter-1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter invention made writing faster and easier when writing a letter or a document.  The typewriter also created jobs for labor intensive women such as a secretary.

The Phonograph-1877

Thomas Alva Edison

The Phonograph was a type of entertainment. it created a future for sound recording. The phonograph helped people come up with new ideas for new inventions on sound recording and it was the mother of many recording and music playing devices.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane

The invention of the dishwasher was the make life easier on women.  Women are commonly the ones who clean and cook in a house, so Josephine made in easier to get things done.  The dishwasher, as said in its name, cleans dishes instead of them having to be hand washed, taking up a lot of a woman's time.

First Hand-Held Camera-1888

George Eastman

Gas-Powered Automobile

The invention of the Kodak camera is considered a breakthrough as the birth of snapshot photography. Before this camera there weren't other and better options for portable cameras and people never really got to capture memories shared with loved ones

Gas-Powered Automobile

Charles and Frank Duryea

When the first automobile was invented, it gave people the chance to get to places faster rather than walk, or ride a horse.  This invention of the car has given the world many ideas on the cars we have today, but back then it gave the world the idea that the transportation that had before the car was much more slower then it was with cars.


The Wright Brothers

The Wright brothers were both inventors and tinkerers.  Wilbur became a serious thinker about human flight in 1896, when Otto Lilienthal was killed accidently during a glider flight.  So, the two brothers began to think of ideas to create the first airplane, which turned out to be very successful.

automatic lubricator for steam engines

Elijah McCoy

McCoy's invention lubricated steam engines without having to shut them down.  This automatic lubricator saved an enormous amount of time and effort in transportation and in industrial production.

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