Awesome Photos

Growing Up To Soon

An action shot of one of my close friend. Slightly photoshoped to inhance the contrast creating a brighter, happeir photo

Lonly Fears

I was messing around with my camrea and my friend got bored so she sat down and befor she new it i was taking pics. This is Alexis Zumbuel at Hewitt Elementary

I think this is a good portrait do to the silhouette affect and the background sunset.


I used an app on my ipad to edit the photo for my portrait assignment. i know what its not a picture of someones face but i feel that this photo captures my friend, Mia Miller's personality better with just her shoes on a longbord

Beautiful People

Two of my close friends were just hanging out and i notest how beautiful the sun looks behind them so i captuerd the moment for my portrait assignment. My friends Evan Vaughn and Kayla Black


Portrait, edited on ipad, Mia Miller out sid her house

Sunny Day

portrait, I uesed photoshop to add a bit of contrased. I like how unique this photo is. the model Jill Chandler at Hewitt elementary.


Portrait photo of Evan Vaughn outside his house afew days befor his first consert of the year.

Abbey Road

I love this photo. I like how contadicting the model, Jill Chandler is to her soroundings.


Hunting Dog

My cousins in Austen Texas let me take his dog to the trail near by his house to take photos.

White Flower, Brown Tree

This was for my nature project. No Editing was done on the beautiful flower. This photo was taken in the front yard of my naughbors house

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