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Frida Kahlo and Andrew Marvell

The lady dressed in white By:Frida Kahlo 1929

Frida Kahlo biography

Born on July 6, 1907 and died July 13, 1954 in Mexico City

Kahlo always said she was born on July 7, 1910 because she wanted to be born on the same year as the Mexican revolution started which is the birth of Mexico

She was a surrealist painter which signifies that her paintings showers unreal items as if yon were in a dream

Kahlo was studying a career of medicine until 1925 when she suffered a accident while she'd was riding the bus. This incident caused Kahlo to quit her medicine career and start her painting she was only 18 years old.

Mot of her paintings represented problems she encounters during her life in which most wee self portraits

Years later At age 47 Kahlo died of being ill in Mexico City

The lady in a white dress

This portrait of a lady in a white dress was never finished. Kahlo stopped painting this portrait some time around 1930. No one really knows who the women in the picture is. Some believe she is the wife of one of her husbands assistants since they were with them in San fransico at the time, and she never finished the painting because they were no longer friends.

Andrew Marvell Biography

Born on March 31,1621 in Winestead, Yorkshire and died on August 18, 1678 in London

At the age of 13 he went to trinity college of Cambridge until he received his bachelors degree.

After college Marvell traveled across the continents and learned four different languages

Marvell began writing his poems including "To his coy mistress" when he was still Cambridge his poems were written in Latin and Greek.

After traveling for a couple of years Marvell died on 1678 in London white he was serving as an agent for the Hull Trinity House.

To his coy mistress

To his coy mistress was wrapped around the words British colonization empire and the land of India and what they had to offer which tie

Colonization ties into relationships while empire revolves the mistress thinking that a relationship is something's big and serious like if it were to rule the world. And small details from the land of India such as Indian gangs and rubies  can represent imperialism. And can also be refered as a metaphor of how urge mistress In the poem steal rubies from the Indian people. During the time period To his coy mistress was written Marvell was an active politian and tied these issues into his poems

Connection between the painting and the poem

In the painting there is a women in a white which represents the purity of the mistress in th poem and the dark colors used in the background of the paintng can represent all the negative comments the speaker sets upon her idea that a relationship is a serious issue. The way the women is sitting shows that she is being presented as if she has no choice but to be forced to be there representing that all of her thoughts of what a relation should be like doesn't matter because her gender has no power on what is right.

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