Culture of Rigomortans


                                BRIEF HISTORY
The culture of the Rigomortans was founded by Erebos in 1548. The home country of the Rigomortans is Rigomortia. Erebos was a hunter. The country of Rigomortia was founded accidently while Erobos was on a quest looking for lost gold. His ship was destroyed by great waves and washed up on the shore of what is now known as Rigomortia.
  The people of Rigortia are polytheistic, the believe that many Gods from space and rose the dead to help create the world. A crystal skull is kept as a memoir for the dead that helped. The crystal skull is kept in a secret sanctuary. Everyday from 5-6:30pm  the Rogomortans go home and must pray. The Rigomortans believe there are 60 days in a month and only 5 months. Each month represents a God that rose the dead; Spongebob, Spooterman, Cthulhu, Zeus, and Ming the merciless.
  Rigormotia is protected by its own army. They are part of the U.N. and are pretty peaceful. Rigomortia's army is there JUST for defense. If the country must attack the they hire PMCs (Private Military Corporation). They hire PMCs if Rigormotia has been attack and seeking for revenge.
  The Males of Rigomortia must go to school for grades 1-12. Males go to school for free. As for females, they must go to school until fifth grade. If the females want to expand their knowledge after the 5th grade, they must pay two-thousand dollars each grade. Most men are well educated, as for women, only a few are well educated.

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