10 Scariest Decoration Tips for Halloween

One, two. Red's calling for you.

Three, four. Better lock your door.

Five, six. Grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight. Gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten. Never sleep again.

Shhhh… Better be quiet or else they will get you up.

What is precisely going-on with that creepy line? Oh come on, its Halloween dude. The most breathtaking time to tell ghost stories and urban legends will arrive. And, to make your story telling become so realistic and exciting, you can decorate your place in a spooky way using the below top 10 scary deco tips. However, you may consider doing it by yourself or if you have a budget, you may also ask for a professional help coming from the award-winning interior design company Singapore.

1. Frankenstein in Backyard. Let’s put some horror novel character into life. Frankenstein is from the novel of Mary Shelley. Obviously, with its look and life-size height; it will surely scare a couple of kids away.

2. Skull Candle. This candle is made out of paraffin wax. As you notice it takes up a skull form making it to appear frightening. Lightening it up can also add effect to the candle because it will melt making to look like a deformed skull.

3. Bloody Concept. This concept was inspired by an American TV Series detective series entitled Dexter. The blood makes the setting looks horrendous since it represents murder. So with this set-up, it will be easily put your guests into fear.

4. Silhouettes. Decorating is quite expensive. Instead of spending money for some decoration why not find an alternatives. Silhouettes are good options. Just cut out some shapes from a black card board or illustration board. And, presto! You now have your different dark creatures. Then, just stick it to the windows and with the aid of light, your cut-outs will come to life.

5. The Traditional Jack-O-Lantern. Jack-O-Lantern becomes a legend as the mascot of Halloween. This occasion will not be completed without the presence of Jack-O-Lantern. With is weird smile, it can truly say that Halloween is here.

6. Transform your Backyard into a Zombie Lawn. Although, this concept of turning your backyard into a cemetery is a timeless concept; still it works. To produce a cost-free graveyard, here are some of the steps: 1. Get some boxes that you can use as the thumb stones; 2.Draw some pattern on the boxes according to your preferred appearance; 3. Cut it according to the drawn pattern; 4. Paint it gray or white; 5. Write the letters R. I. P.

7. The Black-Orange Color Combination. Sometimes, color alone can do the job. Indeed, orange symbolizes the harvest in autumn while black symbolizes death. These two colors are always combined to give a BOO! to everyone.

8. The Spiders and its Giant Webs. Spiders and webs must always come together. Since many people are afraid of spider, it will be easier for you to set-up the mood. As a tip you can use a fake replica of a spider on your set-up to appear them more realistic.

9. The Raven. Raven depicts for death. Many people are afraid to them because of the traditions. Also additional number of black twigs will enhance the appeal of the design.

10. Asylum. This concept is basically based on a true environment. Asylum refers to the institution that take over people with mental illness. Many horror stories focuses their subject on this place. Because of that, it can be used as an inspiration for the decorations.