Solution Concentration and Molarity

Haley Joyner & Krystalyn Setting
Chemistry ~ Fall 2014

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Solution Concentration and Molarity: What Is It and How Do You Find It?

What is Molarity?

Molarity is the number of moles of solute (materials that have dissolved) per liter of solution

What is Concentration?

Concentration is a measure of how much solute is present in a given amount of solution.

Example of how to find Molarity:

Practice Work

Work out the following problems for practice before taking the quiz below them

  1. Determine the molarity of 2.60 moles of NaOH dissolved in 3.50 L solution.
2. What is the concentration of 1.75 L of solution made from dissolving 425g of BaCl2 in water?


Short 5 Question Quiz

1. What is the equation you would use to find the molarity?
     a. Molatiry = Liters of Solution / Grams of Solute
     b. Molarity = Moles of Solute / Liters of Solution
     c. Molarity = Liters of Solute / Moles of Solution
     d. Molarity = Grams of Solute / Liters of Solution

2. What is the definition of concentration?
     a. How much energy is being used
     b. The measure of how much solution is present in a given amount of solute
     c. The measure of how much solute is present in a given amount of solution
     d. How focused you are on a task

3. What is one way to solve for concentration?
     a. Solution
     b. Mass
     c. Molarity
     d. Moles

4. What is the molarity of 3.50 L of solution that contains 90.0g of sodium chloride?
     a. 0.440 M NaCl
     b. 0.440 M H2O
     c. 1.50 M H2O
     d. 1.50 M NaCl

5. What is the unit for a solute in the molarity equation?
     a. Moles
     b. Grams
     c. Liters


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