Tahlia 8B


this term we have been learning about photography, composition and grid third. i have been listening to everybody's advice. it is a great idea if you don't place your subject in the middle of the grid. Adding on to that angels are an awesome way to embrace your photo. It is have been awesome for me to be learning this term.

The reason I choose this photo was because of the teamwork involved. if there's no teamwork there's no chance of winning the mission or everything else involved. In Fighter Jets 2 people control the plane so it needs teamwork to do so.

I used BOB and overload for the edited version cause I thought it looked cool and to make it more powerful

Being a Police Officer is not about Guns and bossing everybody around it takes guts and bravery to get up and do what they do i did not choose this photo for looks i wanted everyone to know the importance about being a Police Officer.

I edited this photo because the original was bland but now it has a bit more touch to it. i used overload and something else.

Doctors have a huge hygiene risk so safety is important to everyone working there. I don't know why  i choose this but i think i looks good.

I edited this photo because it looked when i did i used overload again and some vintage one.

marines have to have respect or they have consequences.

I edited it to still have that militarily feel.


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