Unemployment: How to File a Claim and Eligibility

By: Zachary Corbitt

File Your Claim

Contact your local state unemployment insurance agency as soon as you lose your job. You can sometimes file by telephone or online. You use your social security number, gather names and addresses of your employers for the last 18 months, and prove your immigration status to try and file your claim.

Your Former Employer Verifies

After you file, the state unemployment insurance agency will send notice to your former employer requesting verification of the information you gave. If your former employer contests your eligibility, the unemployment insurance agency will schedule a hearing to resolve the dispute. However, you always have the right to appeal.

Maintaining Eligibility

You must be able to work, you must be available for work, you must be actively looking for work each week, you must be looking for full-time employment, you must be registered with the unemployment office, you must not refuse any suitable job offers,  and you must report all earning from other sources.

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