Let's Go West

An story of going west. By: Bowen Harris, History, 2nd period, 12-8-14

Top Ten

10: George Washington- He was the first president of the United States. He selected Alexander Hamilton to fix the American economy.

9: John Adams- Elected in 1796, he became the 2nd President. He was a federalist. He passed the Alien and Sedition Act.

8: Washington Farewell Address- He warned Americans to avoid political parties. Also, avoid foreign affairs.

7: Thomas Jefferson- He believed in making the size and power of the government bigger.

6: Louisiana Purchase- Spain moved some land west of the Mississippi River. Lewis and Clark went to explore the new land.

5: The War of 1812- We didn't support England in the war. It took 6 months to get the treaty signed.

4: Sectionalism- The North believed that slavery was wrong and the south belived that slavery was ok.

3: The Native American Issue- We made the Natives move out of their houses and they moved to a new territory.

2: The Trail of Tears- The natives were walking to their new territory and lots of people died.

1:The Oregon trail- People went to Oregon looking for happiness. The trail started at Independence and ended near Portland.

Time Line

1789- George Washington was elected first president.

1796- John Adams became president.

1796- George Washington published his Farewell Address.

1800- Thomas Jefferson was elected president.

1803- The Louisiana Purchase was sold to America.

1812- The war of 1812 began. The war was between the United States and England.

1820- Missouri became and state, the North wanted Missouri to be a slave free state and the South wanted Missouri to be a slave state.

1830- The congress passed the Indian Removal Act.

1830- The Indian Removal Act lead to the Trail of Tears which left many Natives dead.

1843- The Oregon Trail began which was a trail to Oregon on a search for happiness.

George Washington

George Washington was the first President of The United States of America. He was elected in 1789. Before he became President he was in the French and Indian war. During Washington's presidency he chose Alexander Hamilton to help make a better American Economy. When England and France went to war in 1793, he hoped that America would stay neutral. A lot of federalist supported Washington's strong government. George Washington made a message to warn Americans to stay away from forming political parties, and foreign affairs called Washington's Farewell Address.

The Native American Issue

ATTENTION!!! President Jackson wants to relocate All Native American tribes in America to the frontier. In 1830 the Congress passed the Indian Removal Act that would move all Natives west to the new Indian Territory. Some of the Indians refused to give up their land. The Cherokee tribe in Georgia were probably the most resistant tribe. In 1838 the army was sent to a place in North Georgia called New Echota. This caused the Trail of Tears from Georgia all the Oklahoma. Many died on this journey.

The Life of John Adams

John Adams was born October 30 1735. He was born in Massachusetts. He died on July 4th 1826. His son John Quincey Adams who was also a president. John Adams was a the 2nd president. He created the Alien and Sedition which sent any non American citizen to jail.



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By the Numbers

2 things George Washington told his people in his Farewell Address

15 million dollars for the Louisiana Purchase

2 people went on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

90 years old when John Adams died

32 days after being cursed William H. Harrison died

2 different ideas about slavery

12th amendment called for the House of Representatives to chose president when tied

17000 Cherokee indians on the trial of tears

3 ideas that Pulk came up with for the war against Mexico

12000 pilgrams on the Morman trail


The Oregon Trail lead to Oregon. People went to Oregon looking for happiness. James k. Pulk pushed the Oregon Trail.