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-Goggles.   -Tongs.    -Hair.   -Bags.                  -Tackk.   -Keynote.  -Explain everything. -Popplet

Thermal Radiation

We are going to be measuring he temperature of the two blocks by placing a thermometer in the block.

Temp- 61 degrees.

What did you notice?

We noticed that the black block's temperature decreased faster than the silver block.

What conclusion can you draw?

The silver block absorbed more heat than the black one

When the Bunsen burner is placed in the side the colouring crystals moved all around the square tube because the heat was pushing the colouring around the tube.

When the Bunsen burner was placed in the middle of the square tube  it slowed down because the heat was going in both directions.

Side 1- 54 degrees

Side 2- 57 degrees

Side 3- 65 degrees

Side 4- 66 degrees

Top-57 degrees

Each side has a different temperature

Thermal Conduction

We noticed that when the two rods were touching the heat was being shared between the two rods

And when the two rods were not touching the heat would stay on one because it didn't have anything to share the heat with.

The first one took 3 seconds.

The second one took 6 seconds.

The third one took 43 seconds

The fourth one took a minute and 2 seconds.

The last one took a minute and 20 seconds.

Independent variables- The beakers.

Dependent variables- The Temperature.

Control variables- Same amount of water and same temperature of water.

Maximum Temperature ("control beaker") - 81 degrees.

Final Temperature ("control beaker") - 73 degrees.

Maximum Temperature (" double glazed ")- 83 degrees

Final Temperature (" double glazed ")-75 degrees

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