VCR #5


Roots: Littera- letter                                                                                           P.O.S - Tr. v

To do away with completely; to wipe out; erase

Trying to get ride of all the memories of her ex-boyfriend, Mary obliterated everything she had that reminded her of him.


Roots: Scribo; Scribrer; Scropis; Scriptum- To write                                       P.O.S- Intr. v

To pledge to pay for something or to contribute to something; to place under an order by signing.

Not wanting to miss any of the celebrity gossip, Sara subscribed to People's magazine.


Roots: Onoma-name                                                                                        P.O.S- Noun

A fictitious name

Not wanting for his friends to find out he liked writing romance novels, James wrote under the pseudonym, Bella Lawrence.


Roots: Nomen- name                                                                                          P.O.S- Adj.

Shameful; disgraceful

Due to his ignominious behavior, interrupting his parents guest, Timmy's mom grounded him for one week.

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