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10 Facts Learned

1. A good presentation should follow the 10-20-30 rule. (10 slides, 20 minutes, no text less than 30 font)

2. Slow Down! Many people get nervous, slow down and allow pauses for points of emphasis.

3. Start strong. Hook your audience and make them invest in what you are saying.

4. Be passionate. Your listeners want to listen when you are passionate about your work and believe in it.

5. Move away from the podium. Having a good stage presents keeps the flow stronger and shows you are comfortable.

6. Questions to ask with students for reflecting.

7. Questions to ask to ensure you truly know your students, name one thing!

8. A taxonomy of reflection to measure your effectiveness.

9. Keep a reflective blog/journal to measure your growth from beginning to having experience.

10. Ways to interact with parents. Make lists, letters, invite them, welcome them, and create a relationship with parents/guardians, your best friends in teaching!

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3 years ago

Very attractive and good points!