Don't be a moron and take boron!


My element is boron. the symbol for Boron is B. The atomic number is 5 and the atomic mass is 10.81. The melting point is 2076. The boiling point is 3927. The electron configuration is 2s2 2p1. Some common uses of boron are fiberglass and bleach. It also gives distinctive green flames. Boron is in group 15 and in period 2. Boron is a trace mineral found primarily in plant foods and necessary for plant growth.


Sales Pitch

Without out Boron some plants may die and as we know without plants you don't have oxygen. You can also use boron to kill roaches. Nobody likes roaches they are big and gross. With boron you wont have to deal with that. Boron is also used to build strong bones and muscles and people take it as a medicine. So people will have big muscles and be strong. So pick boron and it will be the best choice of your life. Don't be a moron and take boron!

Explanation On The Rank Em

The reason why i ranked biological need 4 stars is because boron helps plants stay alive and plants give us oxygen and without oxygen we will die. I ranked social need 2 stars because we can trade boron to people who need plants to keep growing in case they are in a drought or they don't have a lot of plants. I ranked functional need 3 because boron helps us have oxygen and without oxygen we will die so that is a every day need. I ranked defensive need a 4 because they have a medicine using boron to help improve muscles and bones.

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