Introduction to Greek Mythology

By Natalie Keil

What is Mythology?

Mythology is a collection of myths,especially one belonging to a particular religion or a cultural tradition, or belonging to a particular people or relating to a particular person .


Hera is married to Zeus and is the goddess of childbirth, marriage ,and women.  She is also Queen of the gods. Hera's parents are Cronus and Rhea and  her siblings are Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Zeus, and Chiron.  She had 6 children Ares, Enyo, Hebe, Eileithyia, Eris, and Hephaestus. Her symbols are a Pomegranate, a peacock feather, a diadem, a cow, and a lily.   

Mythical Creature

Argus had 100 eyes and kept a good watchman.  Zeus was married to Hera, but fell in love with Io.  Zeus knew that Hera would be jealous so he disguised Io as a newly born cow and Hera asked for the cow as a gift.  Hera knew that the cow was  Io and had Argus watch the cow so that Io couldn't change back to herself.  Zeus knew that Hera had figured it out.  So  Zeus sent Hermes out to kill Argus. Unfortunately Argus was killed by Hermes, but in honor of Argus Hera took all 100 of Argus's eyes and placed them on her favorite bird- a peacock.  Argus's powers is that he can possess. His abilities are good stamina, endurance, and resistance to injury.  

Myth Summary

Hera is described as the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and women also sister of Zeus.  Zeus was wondering one day and Hera caught his eye because she was so beautiful.  Zeus asked Hera to marry him but Hera rejected him.  Zeus wouldn't take no for an answer and was still very desperate.  So Zeus changed himself into a wrinkled cuckoo bird. Hera felt bad for the wrinkled cuckoo bird and held and cared for it. After Zeus saw that he had tricked Hera he changed himself back to his normal self.  Hera married Zeus to hide her shame.

Modern Day Connections

A peacock is one of the modern day connections because when Hermes killed Argus Hera took all 100 eyes from Argus and put it on a peacock.  Hera also has her own foundation that helps cancer this relates to Hera because Hera was the protector of women.

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