How to Enhance Customer Experience

My husband and I stayed at a hotel for my birthday surprise, where we had never been before. Their customer service, right from the time of our arrival till the time of checking out was beyond amazing. With that experience in my mind, I thought it’s a perfect time to write about why enhancing the overall customer experience is vital for a business’s success.

Customer experience is the entire process which involves the interaction of the customer and the organization at some point. These touch points include packaging, interactions linked with pricing, purchasing, after sales services, billing, delivery of the goods and services and many more.

Customers assess their experiences primarily based on the perception of the actual performance compared to the customers’ desired expectations. It is essential for companies to understand the gap between perceptions vs. expectations to shape their customer experience in a positive way.

The customer experience mapping helps organizations deliver an ultimate experience resulting in loyal customers that will help promote organization’s goods and services. The map identifies gaps between actual experience and expected performance, and the development of essential skills and processes to close the gaps.

Let’s list down five key steps in order to create a successful customer experience map.

  • 1. Start with creating the basic touch-points which can be applied across all of the customers. Companies make specific maps as time passes.
  • 2. List down all the customer touch points. For each touch point, write a process, description and customer expectation. This step is best achieved by involving as many people as possible to identify all touch points.
  • 3. Prepare a written document and make a visual illustration such as a map.
  • 4. Make use of the map to discover areas working well and those that need improvement. Focus on those areas which build and enhance customer loyalty.
  • 5. Build a plan to address three D’s, which makes organizations deliver exceptional customer experience:
  • Design the right enticement for the right consumer, offered in an appealing environment.
  • Deliver the anticipated experience by coordinating with cross functional teams of various functions.
  • Develop consistency in implementation.

Therefore, organizations must always focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. This would increase customer loyalty and retain customers with your brand for a longer time.