Come to Canada!

Why just take a trip to Canada? I'll tell you why!

Diverse Culture

The laws protecting Multiculturalism allows there to be many different people and culture. Even though there is many cultures there still is a national Identity or a sense of belonging to a nation.

Fine arts

The government supports regional art programs and is perfect for anyone looking for a art career.

Lots of History

Inuit native people first settled in Canada at least 4,000 years ago and spread throughout North America. The first settlers were from the U.K. and France. Also many Canadians are bilingual (or speaks 2 languages). Former Prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, was important because he helped fight for the Charter of Rights for Canadians. Canada's history is continuing to grow and continues every day.

Stable Economy

Industry, Exports and Imports are many of the reasons why Canada has a stable economy. It is also in NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Canada has many transportation corridors or paths, but Canada also has many transportation barriers that makes it difficult to travel.

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