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Atmosphere Fact 1#

the Thermosphere is the hottest layer (closest to sun) in our atmosphere, there are satellites in this layer,The Aurora lights appear here, it is the last layer of our atmosphere it has  the least amount of pressure.

Atmosphere fact 2#

The Mesosphere it is the middle layer in the atmosphere, it protects us from meteors, this layer gets colder as you get higher into the air.

Atmosphere Fact 3#
the stratosphere, ozone layer is in here, this layer protects us from the sun the lower part is cold and as you get higher it gets hotter.

Atmosphere fact 4#
Troposphere Air gets colder as you get higher 90% of the mass is found here weather occurs here air planes fly in this layer

Atmosphere Fact 5#
It protects us from harmful uv rays from the sun, keeps the heat inside, gives oxygen to us.

Atmosphere Fact #6
The green house effect is what happens when the atmosphere keeps a planet warm, Without the atmosphere the planet would, be incredibly hot during the day and extremely cold during the night.

Atmosphere Fact #7
It can be described as an ocean made of air. Compared to the size of earth, the atmosphere is very thin.The atmosphere is pushing down on everything, all day, and all the time.

Atmosphere Fact #8

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