My holidays!

2:29 One more minute untill the bell goes wating,waiting and waiting "knock,knock excuse me everyone just before the 2:30 bell goes,i hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays.See you all in 2 weeks! Said Mr Hollyway into the office mic! DING, DING, DING, DING the bell goes, everyone screams and yells HOLIDAYSS! I walk off talking to myself.

Okay this is the boring part lets go three days in front.

Bye Mum love ya! I walk off in a happy camper mood,open up a old wooden gate "squeak" the gate just made a creepy noise.

Hayley's dog ran up to me, i said "hey Billy". As soon as i got to knock on Hayley's door... Hayley opens the door and says, "hey Pippa" and gave me a massive bear hug i squeez her then she stops.

I walk in and have a chat with her dad and see how he is going.

After Hayley and i walk outside and go put my bag into her room.We went onto Hayley's tramp i did some backflips and frontflips,Hayley and i started to climb a big tree, but it staretd to rain so we quickly ran inside,.

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