Invention Process

Jackson Martin

I took a look at the most important 6-10 inventions from each time period we studied and I put all of them in a chart and gave the reason for their importance and what impact they made and why it was necessary. This took me a better part of the year to come up with an idea that could be 1) important to me and 2) important to others. This is important to me because I find engineering and how things work interesting. The reason this is important to others is because it is a baseline as to what needs to be done in the future for bigger better inventions. So I started coming up with my big idea and it was to come up with a way to improve the future. This is a way to improve the future because it is shedding light on inventions that caused inventions later in time and that this can happen at any time.

The above link is to my long list of inventions and their importance. Another way I wanted to make this more creative is what if I took the most important invention from each time period and made a map of where they were invented and some more information about those inventions and why I chose them.

The above link is to my top 4 inventions

And finally, this link is to all of the work I put in to American History this year

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