Paul Bunyan

Charisma Braswell
core 4 Ross
Language arts
April 29, 2014

Paul Bunyan is america's best known folk hero and all lumber jacks believe or pretend to believe he really exists. Some older people even said they were members of his crew. Paul Bunyan was a giant being 7 feet tall and with a stride of 7 feet. He was known for his great physical strength. He had such big lung capacity that he called his men to dinner by blowing through a hollow tree and sometimes when he spoke limbs fell from trees. The thing that Paul Bunyan is really known for is that with is great size and strength he cleared off North Dakota its forest and dug out lake Superior. He lived in a gigantic log cabin on the big onion river during the winter of the blue snow.


(a) According to Sandburg, the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories comes from the bookless people the people who told stories by oral tradition before the stories were wrote down in books.

(b)When Sandburg says " some of paul is old as the hills, young as the alphabet"she means that some of the Paul Bunyan stories come from a old generation and some come from the newer younger generation and the stories mix old and new together.


(a) Two actions that show that Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong are when he drowned the bee-mosquitoes and when he stopped the rain.

(b) These qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character because when he stops the rain he stops it for everyone.


(a)Paul Bunyan stops the rain by diving into lake superior an d swimming up a pillar of water and turning the rain off.

(b)The details in the selection and anecdote tells me that life in the midwest during early nineteenth century was very cold with unlikeable weather.


(a)  Yes I do think that Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person.

(b) I think that a very strong wrestler might inspire this kind of story.


(a) A lumber jack would be a hero in frontier America because there is alot of trees and wilderness that needs to be gotten rid of in order for the to be able to build houses and a society.

(b)The qualities that Paul Bunyan shares with todays heroes is that he did something that was great and good.


Paul Bunyan lives on big onion river in the winter of blue snow. He has a little blue ox named benny. He can do things that many other people. This is because he is a giant and has a great amount of strength. He even turns of the rain by diving into lake superior and swimming through a pillar of water. He is so big that when he dances earthquakes occur.


           Paul Bunyan's theme is strength. I came up with this theme because everything he does has to do with strength. He also is very tall and is very strong. He swims through a pillar of water which shows that he is very strong. This is because a pillar is like a structure of water.

The theme strength fits Paul Bunyan because he is very strong. He is so strong that when he dances he causes a earthquake. When he killed the bee- mosquito by making them fat and then drowning them. This shows he is strong because it takes alot of strength to drown something. This is why his theme is strong.


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