World War I-Zach Miller

1/ causes, 2/ weaponry, technology, 2/ soldier life, 2/ civilian life, 1/ impact of the war

Causes of the War

This picture represents how Africa was divided, which was a major cause leading to World War 1. The division in Africa caused a lot of the tension between the European countries because they were racing for the rich land of Africa, to spread their power. African colonies also played a major role in the fighting in Europe.  #tension #divisionofAfrica


This shows the new technology that was being used in World War 1. Some of the ideas, like this aeroplane, are still used in battle today. This weapon was used for air attacks, such as bombs, artillery attacks from the sky, and to take down enemy airplanes as well. Here, French soldier gather around a priest as the priest blesses the airplane, preparing it for the war. #blessed #industrialization


This weapon was called, 'Lucky Jim'. It is a british howitzer, A howitzer is a type of artillery piece characterized by a relatively short barrel and the use of comparatively small propellent charges to propel projectiles at relatively high trajectories, with a steep angle of descent. Thsi exapnded the difficulty of the war fro the soldiers. It made it harder to dodge for the opposing sides, and caused more casualties. #weaponry

Soldier life

The Indian army here are lining up for a gas mask drill. They were allied with Serbia, and forced a stable front line with the allied powers. This shows the life and training that the soldiers had to put themselves through to protect themselves from the new weaponry that was used in the war. The soldiers went to extreme measures to prepare for the war.

Soldier life

This is a great example of what the soldiers had to go through during the war. There were many many casualties in the war, and the soldier would sometimes need to carry the dead bodies away on stretchers, as you see here. The war was a sad time, and to the soldiers carrying the body off would have made them more skeptical about what they are really fighting for in the war, and make them think that it is not worth it. This would cause hatred toward the government for deciding this.

Civilian Life

In this picture it shows Austria-Hungarian troops executing Serbian civilians, Most likely in 1915. Serbians suffered greatly during the war years, calculating to more than a million deaths by 1918, including losses in battle, and mass executions. Serbians would get taken from their homes to suffer in this casualty. This is also a great example of total war, and how civilians were not safe in their own homes. #totalwar

Civilian life

This shows the civilians picking up alfalfa, which would be used for eihter sending to the soldiers for them to use at their will, or it will be kept for themselves. the civilians would help in the war by sending money and food to the soldiers, so the civilians would most likely send the more efficient crops, such as wheat, to the soldiers and kept the others for themselves. This is another small example of total war, and how civilians played a major role to help their side in the war. #totalwar

impact of war

This shows Australian soldiers walking on a duckboard track laid across a muddy, shattered battlefield in Chateau Wood, near Hooge, Belgium, on October 29, 1917. This destruction happened during the Battle of Passchendaele, fought by British forces and their allies against Germany for control of territory near Ypres, Belgium. The impact the war had on the land was tremendous, and took may years to get back to what it used to be. In some areas, the land is still not what it used to be, due to this war.


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