Adolf hitler and NaziGermany

Diana Bishop,Erica Manasco

January 4th paper met hitler at the home of German banker Kurt Von Schroeder .

January 15th an election in the state of lippe saw the nazi party when 38,00 votes out of a possible 90,000 minus 39.6%

January 22 Oskar Hindenburg son of the president an Otto Meissner chief of the presidential office met hitler

January 28 schliecher resigned as chancllor when Hindenburg refused it grant him another dissolution of the reishstag

January 30th hitler appointed chancllor of Germany.

Adolph hitler 1889-1945 was the dictatorial leader if the national socialist German workers party, or nazi party, commanding German forces through out ww2.

In September 1938, leaders of France and Great Britain met Adolph hitler to discuss his demands ultimately granting the German leader control over the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.

When hitler broke his pledge and took the rest of Czechoslovakia and then invaded Poland in 1939, France and great Britain declared war.

Hitlers forces invaded Denmark Norway Belgium holland and luxenburg, and defeated France within the first year of war.

He number of Americans killed during ww1 was approximately..... 4times the number of Americans killed during ww1.

In addition to his sister Paula, hitler had one step brother, alois and one step sister, Angela both from his fathers pervious marriage.

Hitler was known adi in his youth.

Hitlers father alois was in his 3rd marriage in 51 years old when hitler was born.

In 1932 hitler was granted German citizenship.

Furious at Germany's surrender hitler returned Munich after the end of ww1 determined to enter politics.

In 1919 hitler became the 55th member of a small and antisenitic party called the German workers party.

Despite becoming the dictator of Germany hitler was not born there. Hitler was born in braunau am inn Austria on April 20th 1889.

Hitler had only one sibling that survived childhood.

Hitler started ww2 by invading Poland and then invading many other European countries.

He's also known for wanting to exterminate the Jewish people in the holocaust.

Adolf hitler didn't do good in school.

Once entering politics hitler discovered he had a gift in giving speeches.

In order for Germany to grow hitler thought "the country needed more land or living space".

After becoming chancellor their was no stoping hitler .

Adolfo hitler died on April 30th 1945 in Berlinger, Germany.

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