Characteristics of Free Enterprise


Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom is the ability to chose what you use your money on as well as what career path you want to take. This picture shows the economic freedom of each state determined by property rights, business regulation and government involvement

Voluntary Exchange

This comic shows voluntary exchange by showing how they can exchange their goods to get what they each want.

Private Property Rights

Private Property allows the owner of said property to do with it as they please. This cartoon shows the local governments wanting to use the supreme court to seize private property for their own use.

Profit Motive

The main profit motive of most business is to make money. Which will allow them to possibly expand their business for an even larger profit.


This picture represents different business trying to compete. This is good for the consumer because each business will be trying to make the best possible product while also trying to keep it cheaper than opposing businesses

Role of Government in Economics

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