Scavenger Hunt

Heterogeneous is mixture that you can be seperated because you can take all of those fruits out of that bowl which is:strawberries, kiwis, grapes, and pineapples and seperate them into seperated groups.

Something that is malleable is gold because

these balls/marbles are a example of solid because you cant do nothing with it and it is solid.

This yogurt is that it has calcium in it

This celery is the one that is containing sulfur.

This light bulb is the object that is containing a halogen.

This Minnie Mouse flower pot right here is a sample of something that is ductile is a flower pot that are showing in this photo.

This ice cube with butterfly inside this ice cube is a example of a liquid.

This Volcano right here is a result of a chemical change because it burned up and then turned into ashes.

This delicious cake is a homogeneous mixture cause u can take this stuff out and seperate it.

This picture of these patterns are a allotropic form of carbon.

This lemon right here is something that contains potassium and has potassium in it.

This Perodic Table of Elements is a example of an alkaline earth metal.

This Perodic Table is a example of a transition metal.

This freezing pretty icey melting waterfall is a physical change.

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