Inference means: A conclusion reached on a persons evidence, deduction, and reasoning.

His face barely ever visible but I could just make out his eyes under his glasses. Small and brown like a new born fawn. His face was smooth, like he never hit puberty and he had a nervous habit of scratching below his left ear, as if he was nervous about something.

When I reach the window at the end of the hallway, I realize that something is wrong. The only sound I hear is my own heartbeat, and I have the strangest feeling that I am being watched. It then becomes clear to me. I am no longer the hunter. I’m the hunted...

He took us to the back of the store and my dog started crying not a normal cry a cry I have not heard before. She didn't bark or moan she just cried. I was very nervous the man’s laugh sounded like an owl but it ended with a creepy screech...

From this picture you can tell that the girl looks very sad and upset. Her hands are blood, so you can assume that something bad had happened. In the background you can see a man who looks to be smug, perhaps enjoying the girls distress. The girl holds some sort of coin in her hand and seems to be staring at it intently so maybe it is a comfort object or of importance.

In this picture, A young boy is dressed with what looks like special fabric, so prehaps he is of some royalty. His smug face shows that he is use to being boss of things, so maybe he is a prince or king. But he also has a cross-bow, so he isn't a boy of peacefulness and isn't afraid to kill. Also another thing that might make him a prince or king is the crown of gold that is on his head.

Even without seeing the whole picture I can predict that the man is kneeling down in the snow. His hands are clasped around a girls face and he is looking her dead in the eye. Her face seems worried or scared so maybe he is comforting the young girl. There is snow in the background so maybe he is worried about the girls health and is telling her to go inside.

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