Desired Features And Benefits Of Digital Menu Board Software

It has been quite some time that restaurants are catching-up with the digital world and though many of them have already implemented software applications and touch screen monitors for their employees for better expediting orders in the kitchen and also for the customers for making their payments – they are now also focusing upon replacing their paper menus with digital menu boards. A growing number of them now prefer to use handheld digital menus those can be observed on function laden touchscreen tablet computer systems. There are many attributes of digital menu board software that can be considered as the best solutions for meeting the demands of picky customers. Some of the most desirable attributes of handheld digital menu boards can be listed as follows:

Social media channels: Imbedded applications for social media feeds are the most frequent and also best appreciated on the digital menus. Customers from a very wide cross section of the society now enjoy communicating on social media platforms and the share with their friends on those platforms about the quality of food and services of a particular restaurant can actually help the restaurant to establish a better market for it and also in retaining old and attracting new customers.

Newsfeed streaming: Going through newspapers or watching news on TV while having breakfast or lunch is a widespread practice worldwide. Apps streaming newsfeeds and headlines add an exciting functionality to digital menu board software for they can offer more and updated news than a static newspaper and be considered as a prime amenity for the patrons.

Improve table service functionality: Digital menus nearly always carry a straightforward and simple “call the server” button that allows customers to easily place some additional order from the menu. On the other hand it also makes it convenient for the servers to get alerted whenever a table is need of their services.

Easy payment: Waiting for the bill after a sumptuous lunch or dinner can be really frustrating – especially in restaurants and food joints those are highly popular and also crowded most of the time of the day. Digital menus with incorporated POS systems allow customers to securely tender their payment using the handheld digital menus. Moreover many of them also include an extremely handy tip calculator using which a customer can easily figure out the amount of gratitude he should be showing in monetary terms depending upon the actual quality of the received services.

If you are the owner or manager of a restaurant or a food joint looking for digital menu boards then it is important for you to understand that these boards can be of different types displaying their content differently and it is up to you to decide which digital menu board software will be best serving the exact requirements of your business. Another major advantage of using these digital menu boards is that they allow you to gain an insight on standard customer behavior for optimizing the positive aspects of your services. You can visit for more information regarding software solutions for digital menu boards.

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