John F. Kennedy (JFK)
By: Jamison Williams

"Forgive your enemies, but forget their names."

Date of Birth : May 29, 1917

Death of Date : November 22, 1963

John F. Kennedy as a child

Hometown and Family Members

JFK and his other 8 siblings Joe, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Teddy were born to Joseph and Rose Kennedy in Brookline, Massachusetts, 20  minutes from Boston.  


John attended Edward Devotion School in Brookline, Massachusetts for 10 years, the Noble and Greenough Lower school, and the Dexter School through 4th grade.  When his family moved to Riverdale, Bronx in New York and there he went to Riverdale Country School and two years later they moved.  In 1931, he was sent to The Choate School, where he graduated in 1934.  In 1936, he enrolled in Harvard University in 1940.   

Eight of nine Kennedy children pose for a photo. From youngest to oldest: Jean, Robert, Patricia, Eunice, Kathleen, Rosemary, Jack, and Joe

Religious Views

JFK was Catholic.  

Political Views

Kennedy was a democrat and a proud liberal.  

What He Did For A Living

JFK was a senator for Massachusetts, a member of the House of Representatives, and the 35th President of the United States.  

Marital Status

John met Jackie Bouvier in when he was a congressman and they were introduced by a journalist by the name of Charles Bartlett.  They were married in September 12, 19   

John and Jackie Kennedy

Some of His Friends

Paul "Red Fay, L.J. Thom, Jim Reed, Barney Ross Bernie Lyons

3 Three Things You Didn't Know About JFK

1.) He won a Pulitzer Prize.  

2.) He gave all his $100,000-a-year White House salary to charity.

3.) He feared the re-election of Mitt Romney's father.  

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