Martin Luther king jr

Have you ever herd of Martin Luther King JR. I know I have. he was very thoughtful.He was also courageous man. Most important he had leadership in him. I am going to be writing about why he is courageous, thoughtful, and leadership.

Martin Luther king jr. Had a lot of leadership. He led 250,000 people in a march in 1963 August 28. He stood up for blacks against whites. He was assainated on his balcony in Nashville Tennessee.he was 39 years old. This is why MLK has leadership.

Martin Luther king jr. Was a very courageous man. He entered more house college in 1944 and here he met Dr Benjamin mays. After graduating in 1948 king went to crozier religious sinminary. He gave a speech about his famous dream on 1963 august 28. These are the reasons why Martin Luther king jr. Is courageous.

Martin was a thoughtful person. He gave a speech to the blacks that someday they will be free. He believed that everybody should be friends. The whites should not be mean to the blacks as Martin Luther king jr. Says. Martin Luther king jr. Went to Nashville Tennessee to talk to the garbage people to help them that is why he died in Nashville Tennessee. This is why Martin Luther king jr. Is thoughtful. Person.

I have told you why Martin Luther king jr. Is courageous thoughtful and had leadership. MLK was one of the most courageous man I ever heard of. MLK was a great leader. Also Martin was a thoughtful man. these three things can describe MLKJR. These reasons are why MLKJR is one of the most rem

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