Appeals court rejects Virginia same-sex marriage ban

This article is about how people in every state are trying to get same-sex marriage legalized. Some states are starting to allow this but others still don't feel "comfortable" enough. The courts in Virginia decided that even though people feel uncomfortable about it, it is still in their rights to marry who they want. Maryland is the only state so far too fully legalize gay marriage. Many judges think that it should be allowed because if they are not allowed to marry who they want then that is prohibiting them from participating in our society. This is the type of segregation that the 14th amendment had taken away but now it would be coming back in a new sense.

This has to do with rights because if you are restricting who someone can marry then you're also restricting their rights. This is why many people, including judges, feel that same-sex marriage should be allowed in every state, even if it makes others feel uncomfortable.

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