History at Midnight  

"History at Midnight" is a talk show hosted every Tuesday at midnight. Jenine and Aliza are the two tween interviewers, ever present on the show. The show is full of humor and sarcasm, giving the audience a view into the true personality of the chosen one.  Typically, two guests will be chosen each night. One main person, well known by the audience, and the second person is linked to him/her, whether it is a close relationship, or someone totally unknown to that person.

           "History at Midnight" was given its name through a group of people consulting with each other, all wanting to choose a great educational topic and time. The topic chosen was History, and the time, midnight. They didn't want for the show to extract from studies, so the time chosen was midnight, available for download immediately. The show was approved for teachers to show their students. It was a great opportunity for students to learn more and enjoy a educational show. To mature and responsible tweens, Jenine and Aliza, were chosen as interviewers, and only a couple questions are given to them to ask, and the rest is improvised. This show is a success and is hopefully a go to source for many students and teachers. Comment at the bottom of the page for any questions. Call (804)123-4567 to enter a widely known individual, whether you work with them or not. If you do work with the person, feel free to join us on the show to share your feelings.

Call (804)123-4567 to suggest a individual.

A big thank you from Aliza and Jenine and all producers.

Just in case you missed last Tuesday nights show, 11/11/14

Click Below to Watch the Show

Just in case you missed Tuesday's show that went live at approximately 12:03, this is a little information on the video, which is available for download.

  Tuesday's guest was Andrew Carnegie! He is introduced as a rich, smart, and organized person, which he is. This interview reveals the past to the audience, seeing into the past, some of his mistakes, but many of his accomplishments. Carnegie has been successful in many places that others have not been so fortunate. He is still progressing in every way possible, currently working on making most of his companies into "Carnegie Steel". Working his way up from being a bobbin boy in a textile mill to one of the richest men today! He has no family today, at the age of 64, but has one daughter, Margaret Carnegie, and is married to Louise Whitfield. He donates to many libraries, 2,509 to be exact, and a couple other charities. We also meet a man that has worked for Carnegie for a long time. He has been treated poorly and only earns about ten dollars a week, not worth the sweat and the buckets of water needed to stay on your feet. Carnegie ends by apologizing to the worker. This was one of our best, but weirdest shows so far.

Andrew Carnegie spent most of his life in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

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