Emily Hanula

Through the ages things have helped shape popular culture in America. In this post I am going to talk about how Television has impacted  American popular culture economically, socially and diplomatically.  

Socially it has given us a new topic to talk about and stereotypes.  People interacted with each other discussing TV shows. We still this today we bond with people through TV shows. Back then it was like family time you would all sit around the TV and watch TV with your family and then go to school and talk about a TV show or commercials. TV also gave stereotypes and still does today. In the 1950's the stereotype was the   the typical housewife. Today we still have stereotypes like all white people hate black people, all black people are killers, all Asian people are super smart. are just a few examples.

Economically it has opened a new door for advertising. Instead of hearing the of product on the radio or in a newspaper, you can see it on TV. At first on TV they would  do live advertisements. These advertisements were payed for by the company of the product which funded TV shows and people purchasing the items they saw on TV funded the product. It was basically a giant funding circle. Which helped the economy because it was money coming in and going out and the money circulation was good.

Diplomatically this helped American leaders discuss/inform diplomatic issues with the American people, such as Cuban Missile Crisis. This also helped the American people not only learn about diplomatic issues but it also helped them see what was happening in other countries.  

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