Burdened - Responsible - Clever

All I wanted was...

50 bucks at the end of the month

a place to call home

to be able to do what I want

to be free of Lennie

something of my own

But I didn't want...

Lennie to cause all these problems

to be stuck on ranches

to take care of Lennie

to live in a bunkhouse

to have to kill Lennie

Character Development

Although George acts tough, he is actually a caring person on the inside. He shows this by always standing by Lennie, even when he gets fed up with him. When Lennie threatens to leave at the beginning, and right before he dies at the end, he exposes George's soft side.

Character Interactions

George treats Lennie as a lesser person, looks down on him, as well as takes advantage of him. He treats Candy like an equal while they are talking about the farm. When he talks to Curley's wife, he makes it clear he doesn't want anything to do with her. George is very straightforward with the people he meets, and lets them know what he thinks of them.


George affects the plot by killing Lennie. If George didn't exist, assuming Lennie was able to survive on his own, he would have instead been brutally murdered via slow and painful death at the hands of Curley. But it is unlikely that Lennie would make it out of Weed, so without George, almost none of the events in OMaM would happen.

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