Latin America/ Caribbean

How economical imperialism effected Latin America and the Caribbean

In the beginning there were political problems that began to arise. There were many feuds between the leaders that created problems for the ultimate goal of unity, this led to a seperation into 20 different nations. The new nations created a constitution and modeled their government as that of the U.S.

During the year 1833 through 1855, Mexico and a man named Santa Anna struggled for power. Mexico had territory in northern Texas in the U.S, some settlers had discontent with the Mexican leader. For a while they struggled against Santa Anna's forces before they were finally able to break free and become independant. As a result of this the Mexicans saw this a sign for war, in the fighting that followed The United States was able to evade Mexico and defeat them.

In 1855 Benito Juarez who was a liberal reformer of the Zapotec Heritage was able to gain power to open up a new era of reform which is known as La Reforma. He himself along with other reformers went in and decide to revise the Mexican constitution. They changed a few things such as the military powers and the privileges of the church.

After Independance

  • Latin America adopted free trade  and welcomed all types of people to come into their land and explore the new markets and goods they had.
  • Foreign goods became very significent in Latin America which in turn created large profits for the foreigners and a good amount of business people.
  • Some of the investors from Britain and the U.S wanted their own governments to take action if political or reform events took place in Latin America.
  • After the year 1850 some of the Latin America economies began to grow and they were able to develop mining and agriculture.
  • Chile exported copper and nitrates and another country called Argentina expanded its livestock and wheat production. Brazil exported cash crops and sugar along with rubber.


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