Wonders of the Moon

  Did you know that the moon is more than 4.5 billion years old ?  Well it is and its still gonna live for more years hopefully. The moon and the earth have about the same age but nobody knows how the moon was formed. The moon is really fat and heavy because it weighs 73.7 million trillion tons ! That is 80 times heavier than earth. Have you wondered , how does the moon shine ? The moon shines because of the sun. the sun is the biggest star and makes its own light. The moon is not a star and it doesnt make its own light. The sunlight reflects off the moon. without the sun there would be no moon light or anything thats here on earth. The moon is a huge rock with mountains flatlands and craters. The moon is twice as big as the planet pluto.

You cant live on the moon even if you wanted to ! The moon has no air, plants or animals so there is no life on the moon. Nothing can live on the moon ever. when the moon faces the sun it is too hot to grow anything. When it faces away from the sun it is colder than the coldest place on earth. Theres no wind and rain doesnt fall on the moon because there is no air or water there.

The moon travels in a pat around the earth called an orbit. It takes almost one month 27 days and 8 hours to make one round trip. You can only see one side of the moon from earth it is called the near side of the moon. The far side is hiding from the earth.

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